Adult Swim Upfront 2012

Klip Collective’s reputation as an innovator in the world of nightclub and party visuals caught the attention of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim when they were planning their 2012 Upfront Party at Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom. Klip’s challenge was to incorporate Adult Swim’s existing irreverent brand and iconography into a visual display that could coexist with and enhance the party’s other elements, which included a performance by hip hop artist T.I. Klip needed something larger than life to make this party special, and they found it in the form of a 15-foot tall, 500-pound sculpture of Adult Swim’s iconic owl mascot.

Creative Director: Ricardo Rivera

Executive Producer: Michelle Barbieri

Producer: Natalie Weiss

Art Director & Animator: Thomas Roland

Adult Swim: Upfront Party

Adult Swim: Upfront Party

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